A paradigm shifting journey beyond the realm of mind right into the heart of eternity and truth

Eight week life transformation program

Next experience starting Dec 8

Only 6 participants

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“The future doesn’t belong to the faint-hearted,

it belongs to the brave.” — Ronald Reagan

You wonder who you really are?

You wonder what your purpose is?

You feel like life is a continuous struggle?

You wonder whether there’s life after death?

You have achieved a lot but experience little joy?

Awaken might be for you.

Awaken is for those that are courageously curious to venture beyond perceptions and beliefs to experience the truth about life and self and are deeply committed to using this extraordinary consciousness to radically improve their lives and those of everyone around them.

“The most powerful experience of your life. Everything that I have had, that fear just vanished. Centuries of anxiety just gone in a split second — it just disappeared. I recommend every human being to do this.”


Investor & awaken PARTICIPANT



True freedom through peace of mind, joy and love.

This is the promise of Awaken to Beauty. However, it is not a magic pill. We can only show and guide you onto the path towards it — you will have to walk it by your own will.

Awaken is for those that are fully committed to do the work to create their paradise on earth. It’s an all in, no back doors offering. With your pledge, we, the Awaken team, are in deep service to your evolution and here to do whatever it takes to get you where you need to go.




Dec 7 + Dec 10

  • Journey in privacy as a couple, friends or team
  • Exclusivity for up to four
  • Custom journey with up to three medicines
  • Six facilitators taking care exclusively of you
  • Yoga, Breath & Bodywork
  • Six weeks Private Group Integration process
  • Overnight stay included
  • Transform as a family, business or community

UNTIL 24/11

€ 8,888


€ 11,111



Dec 8 + Dec 10

  • Limited to 6 participants
  • Medicine journey, yoga, breath work, 1:1 bodywork & coaching
  • 1:1 facilitator to participant ratio
  • Including Integration Day
  • 2x 1:1 Preparation & Integration coaching call
  • 6x Weekly Group Integration calls
  • Additional support on demand

UNTIL 24/11 P.P.

€ 1,888


€ 2,222



  • Immersive Awakening & Transformation Day
  • Limited to 6 participants
  • Everything of Explorer +
  • Up to 3 Medicine Journey: Toad, Mushroom and Kambo (optional)
  • 4x 1:1 Preparation, In-tegration coaching calls
  • Overnight stay into Integration Day
  • Best value and highest level of support

Dec 9 - Dec 10

UNTIL 24/11 P.P.

€ 2,888


€ 3,333


“The most powerful experience of your life. Everything that I have had, that fear just vanished. Centuries of anxiety just gone in a split second — it just disappeared. I recommend every human being to do this.”


Investor & awaken PARTICIPANT


A highly curated, high-touch journey geared to empower you to make profound changes to your life far beyond the actual experience.

Week 1


Introductory, Onboarding & Q&A Call


Exploratory &

Life Purpose Prep Call

60 mins


Awaken to Beauty


Dec 7, 8 or 9

Awaken to Beauty


Dec 10

10AM - 8PM

10AM - 8PM

Week 3 - 8


Integration & Coaching Calls

(depending on package)


Group Integration Calls

6 Weeks


A complimentary one-day experience on Sunday, December 10 further deepening, integrating and celebrating your Awakening.

This includes meditation teacher Jay Wong, yoga and heart activist Isa Guitana and human exploration journey.

Below you see pictures from our last Integration Day.




Founder & Creative Director




Founder & Coach

Spiritual Business




Energetic Lovemaking

“Since going through a massive dark night of the soul and having the universe guide me to the medicine twice now, my entire perception of reality and my purpose has changed and become more clear. Even my career is evolving into something much better for the world. Things are transforming in the universe and we are at the tip of the spear."

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It’s really been about SEEING my light in the experience as ME, and being able to deeply receiving myself (my highest light, my inner God) as a projector (which isn’t easy as we’re designed to see the “other” and we have a blindspot when it comes to seeing ourselves) and so for me to receive the intensity of my light, as myself has been the biggest gift… and then to understand my daily practice of maintaining that.”

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“I got an invitation for an experience that my friend described as an "absolute dissolution of the ego." To be more specific, it was a beautifully organized all-day event, including smoking the Sacred Toad. I had experienced it years ago but my journey back then was one of passing out. That was not what happened this time. Holy moly, this ceremony was deep and profound. There was a sense of collapse that led to relaxation, which turned into surrender and then slowly invited peace and trust. To say the least, it was intense, powerful, uncomfortable, expansive, beautiful, transformative, sacred. All of it and more…”

horizontal line

“My whole body was flooded with love with a love that I have never experienced before. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. This must have been divine love. I felt I am in paradise. It was like a symphony. And with that, my heart was filled with love and it grew and got bigger and bigger and it became a huge sun and that sun was swallowing up everything in love, the whole world.”


There are countless spiritual, transcendental and medicine offerings. Awaken is none of that. Awaken is a Life Transformation Program.

We have created an integrated offering working with your mind, body and soul across an arc of time to ensure real life transformation rather than just a journey into another realm.

Our team of six is committed to bring you the safest, most supportive and highest quality experience there is: From the team members and facilitators to the space to the source of the medicine to before and aftercare and your continues individual access to us.

We have left no stone unturned to provide you with the most comprehensive support. With six facilitators for a maximum of six participants you benefit from 1:1 support throughout the experience and beyond. All of us have donise deep work on themselves and are in sole service to your evolution.

And we don’t stop there: To guarantee real life impact, all packages include aftercare through group integration and 1:1 coaching. We are here to accompany you as long as you desire.

“The next step in human evolution is not AI or the singularity – us merging with machines – the next real step and the biggest step we have ever taken in the existence of humanity is Waking Up.”

Vincent, founder AWAKEN TO BEAUTY



When your sense of self is asleep, the barriers that separate you from your essence dissolve and you merge with the source of universal energy and consciousness, experiencing complete inner peace and unconditional love and understanding.

This experience will leave you with the certainty that you are more than your mind, body and identity and that you are part of a much larger narrative unfolding on earth.

With this newfound understanding of self, you experience reality as harmony and are empowered to make profound changes in your life with unparalleled clarity and certainty.

This sacred right of passage is the most profound experience there is. We are humbled to be able to bring it to you. It is a sacrament, an initiation to the profound truth of what you are and what life is about. It is sacred to us and we treat it with the utmost respect and care for you.

“A deep inner soul journey where you feel connected to everything in the universe into infinity. Oneness. There’s no boundary between yourself or anything else. A connection to something much greater: God, Source, the Prime Creator.”




Yes, very safe. Our medicine of choice is the Sonoran Desert toad or Bufo Alvarius. Our facilitators have accompanied more than 12,000 processes successfully and safely.

John is a medical doctor and former NYC psychiatrist that has dedicated his life to empowering people rather than prescribing symptom numbing pharmaceuticals.

We individually screen for any possible health concerns before you sign up. If you are on any medication, specifically SSRIs, we will discuss your suitability with you.





Founder, Coach & Guide


Founder, Coach & Healer


Healer & Mentor


MD, Psychiatrist


Chef, Yoga & Onboarding


Bodyworker & Guide


Yoga & Sacred Wisdom


Alquem Sonic Enchantment


Founder, Coach & Guide


Vincent helps change makers to become their highest self. If he had a billboard for the world it would read: Whoever you think you are, you are not — you are so much more: You are powerful beyond measure.

After careers in investment banking and as a VC-backed founder, he thought there must be more to life. This simple inquiry put him on an eight-year journey of self exploration.

While his peers became unicorn founders he sought out the secrets of the universe: “What I learnt is beyond words. Whatever you believe you can or cannot do is true. You are limitless. Your only limitation is your mind and I am here to support you to expand it as much as you desire.”

Together with Leonor, he will accompany you through this entire journey enabling you to not only have a profound experience but to help you use it as a powerful springboard to change your relationship with life and self in the most self-empowering way so that you can make your life a living masterpiece.

Vincent is excited to meet you. To get to know his story read on here. He also shared his own Bufo experience in his “my awakening” newsletter read by 3,500 ceo, founders and influencers here.


Founder, Coach & Healer

Leonor is a Soul Mentor and the founder of the Soul Healing Energy Academy. She guides individuals in discovering their true soul purpose and unlocking their leadership potential. She has spent a decade engaging in intensive spiritual exploration and bridged the realms of spirituality and the corporate world.

Leonor has a diverse background that includes expertise in Design Thinking and Systems Thinking. She has studied Yoga, Tantra, Somatic Experience, Jungian Psychology, Systemic Consciousness, Symbolic Archetypes and Sacred Geometry.

Leonor offers a unique approach designed to help individuals uncover their path in alignment with their soul's purpose. Her mission is assisting individuals in recognizing their innate gifts as both human beings and conscious leaders in the emerging New Earth.

Leonor and Vincent collaborate to create an energetic space where one's true self can emerge, be witnessed, celebrated and integrated into a new life path.

To stay updated with the Soul Healing Energy Academy, you can read her newsletter here.


Board-Certified Psychiatrist


John was born and raised in Texas, eventually completing his undergraduate studies and medical school there. After receiving his MD in 1990, he moved to New York City and completed his residency training in Psychiatry at The Mount Sinai Medical Center.

He remained in NYC for the next three decades. While there, he received his board certification from the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and ran the general adult inpatient psychiatry unit at Mount Sinai for several years. By 2000, he transitioned into a private clinical psychopharmacology practice and spent many years treating a full spectrum of psychiatric conditions and mental health disorders.

In 2016, he had a significant spiritual awakening while working with plant medicines in Brazil; afterward, his career trajectory shifted dramatically toward a more natural and holistic approach to the treatment of psychiatric and medical conditions, and he dedicated himself to a life of being in service to others utilizing a variety of "earth medicines."

His journey soon led him to discover and work with the Sonoran Desert toad medicine; for the past several years, he has worked exclusively with this medicine, as he feels it is one of the most healing and transformative substances currently available from both a physical and spiritual perspective.

During the past six years, he has served over 12,000 processes while traveling throughout the U.S and Europe, introducing others to this sacred medicine that is often referred to as

"The God Molecule."


Healer & Mentor


Fouad was born and raised in Cairo, Egypt, and is a former corporate sales executive. He has lived in six countries and is currently a certified healer specialising in Energy medicine, Breathwork/Meditation, and Toad medicine facilitation.

He began his spiritual journey after experiencing clinical depression during his corporate career; instead of treating this, he began learning about unconventional treatments such as meditation, the art of stillness, and holistic living from Eastern teachers.

His curiosity toward alternative healing and inner work led him on a sacred plant medicine journey to Peru in 2016; it was here that he experienced significant shifts and transformations toward his life purpose. During this period, he began his holistic studies and energy work research, which was deepened and further reinforced by working personally with the toad medicine in Spain and Mexico.

He has been on a medicine journey over the past six years and has worked with more than a thousand clients worldwide. Fouad is organizing and co-creating sacred containers worldwide under his brand, "The Modern Ashram."


Vegan Chef & Yoga Teacher


Lindsay is a vegan chef and yoga teacher. She has a passion for creating beautiful, healthy meals and experiences that nourish your soul.

Choosing ingredients that are grown locally, organically and in season, not only tastes better, but allows pachamama to provide the nourishment we need at the right time.

Her meals are centered around clean eating knowing the importance of treating your body (and what you put into it) as a temple.

She often teaches her techniques and how to balance your diet as a vegan, giving you the knowledge and tools to create your own quick and healthy recipes.

If you have the pleasure to dine with Lindsay, always save room for dessert! Her cakes and cookies are always a hit with naturally sweetened, gluten free and vegan ingredients (you can even put in a special order ;-)

When she’s not in the kitchen, she is connecting with nature- running, hiking, or dancing in the forest.


Bodyworker & Therapist


From a young age, Ariana has been captivated by life's mysteries and has pursued self- knowledge, personal growth, and emotional and spiritual development. She genuinely believes that we are beings far beyond our daily and routine lives.

Trained as a physiotherapist, she envisions individual and collective physical healing through holistic, emotional, and energetic therapies. She has developed her own therapy method incorporating all the techniques she has learned (myofascial, somatic release, and Sacrocranial therapy) to address emotional issues manifesting in the physical body.

Along her journey of self-discovery, Ariana has embraced various experiences and practices that enhance and facilitate her personal transformation and self-knowledge .

Ariana's belief in the power of sharing her journey, experiences, dilemmas, healing, and truths is her way of inspiring and support others to find themselves and transform their lives.

In service with love.